Black & White

Changing Lives

Developed by Keith White himself, the Black & White Master Apprenticeship is a unique programme that trains a varying number of apprentices annually, aiming to create a new generation of masters in handcrafted jewellery design from South Africa. Keith works with young, previously disadvantaged artisans to shape their raw talent into brilliance.

The Programme

Like any metier, to apprentice for greatness takes three to five years. It is a long-term commitment to the art, and to building an individual's future as one of the leaders in African jewellery design. The Black & White Master Apprenticeship has specific modules whereby the trainees are taught, assessed and guided into mastering the craft. In the true style of the artisan, this is a passing of knowledge from one person to another.

The programme incorporates the art of design (including the use of modern technology), evaluating the quality of resources (stones and metals), manufacturing jewellery to the highest quality and to specific timelines, the role of sales and marketing, and the commercial aspects of running a business.

Junior and Senior Apprenticeships are available. Contact us for more details.

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